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Track Press
Track Press
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Product Code : TP-300
Product Description

Simpletec Track Press TP-300 is designed for assembly/disassembly of small, medium and large sizes of Track Chains. The maximum pressing force of each ram is 2942kn(300T). The machine is suitable for manufacturing new chains and for rebuilding/re-conditioning. The operation of the machine is simple and safe. A feather touch joy stick lever controls forward and return strokes of the rams. The rams can be operated either simultaneously or separately. Machine can be supplied with Track Winder, Hydraulic Torque wrench, Roller and Idler welding machine, etc.


  • Capacity (each ram) : 1961 KN/200 
  • Rapid Forward ; 1560/min
  • Press : 228 mm/min
  • Return : 2820 mm/min
  • Connected Load : 11 kW/11
  • HP Weight : 5100 kg.




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