Special Purpose Machines

As a core manufacturer and exporter our main activity covers the designing, manufacturing and installation of Custom Built Machines that are specifically fabricated according to our clients details regarding production capacity, price, output, power and other important information. These technologies help clients to run their work procedures efficiently and on a higher level. We perform custom work for simpler to fully automated Custom Built Machines, which are perfect for clients' application needs. These are well-incorporated with new & effective technologies including thorough methods and advanced components that bring cost reduction and productivity improvement on long-term basis. Our array of Custom Built Machines cover Rotor Bar Swaging Machine, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine For Pipes, Automatic Carbide Rod Cutoff Machine and others.

Key Aspects:

  • High Quality & Low Failure Rate
  • Easily Adjusted to the Process
  • Fast and Fully Automated
  • Heavy Duty, Smooth Hydraulic Techniques
  • Ensure Flexibility and Efficiency in Production
  • Quality Steel, Alloy Construction, Strong and Stable

We have many clients throughout India as well across worldwide like Australia, France, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan etc.