Track Press
From electrical to hydraulic, find all track presses here at Simpletec Automatics Pvt. Ltd. This type of equipment is required to install or remove pins from undercarriage tracks of all track propelled equipment and machines.
Railway Track Machinery
Trust us for buying rail forming, rail bending, hot rail stamping and other railway track machinery. All these are essential machinery that are required for conducting several jobs during tracks production.
Ship Deck Machinery
Electro hydraulic telescopic dacit and hydraulic emergency power source are required at ship deck. Our company is experienced at supplying such ship dck machinery to customers.

Special Purpose Machines
If standard machines are not what you need in your factory, then come to us with your requirement for special purpose machine. Our engineers are fabricate special purpose machines for requisite jobs.

Hydraulic Press
Find the right machine for your specific product production. This is a range of hydraulic press and APG machines, which can be utilized to produce transformers, and carry out processes, such as blanking, punching, deep drawing, forging, clinching, moulding, etc.
Marine Cranes
Marine Cranes are used to facilitate heavy lifting, moving tons of material and cargo from one to place another. Whether dealing with ship-to-shore work or erecting oil platforms offshore, cranes are critical machines in all types of marine jobs. These heavy-duty cranes can be used for off shore and marine operations.

We have many clients throughout India as well across worldwide like Australia, France, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan etc.